Lindsey's February 2022 Media Diary

Inventing Anna A short month and yet jam-packed full of movies and TV shows! Some good, some bad. Let's review: TV Shows Love is Blind Season 2 This show is so freaking addicting, I hate it (but also, I love it). Unlike season 1, which brought us the iconic pairing that is Cameron and Lauren, I’m not sure if any of this season’s couples are in it for the long haul, but it’s fun to watch them try. Once again, there’s a basic white dude who is objectively a horrible person that two girls are fighting over anyway, plus a bunch of mismatched couples that are already regretting their choices. I am a bit disappointed to see the show attempt to add in plus-size contestants only to give them next to zero screen time, as I’d like to see a show that supposedly confronts the idea that love can transcend superficial judgments and stereotypes embrace contestants that aren’t “conventionally attractive”, but there’s plenty of drama to satisfy my need for low-stakes TV watching. The Originals Sea

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