Lindsey's March 2021 Media Diary


Written by Lindsey Cook

I knocked out a few of my Oscar watchlist movies, reminisced about old seasons of The Bachelor when they could travel and not be holed up in a Pennsylvania hotel, and also checked out the Snyder cut. Yeah, I contain multitudes. 


One Night In Miami (2020)

It's a shame that this movie has gotten a little lost in the awards season conversation because I found it to be absolutely wonderful. It's rare that we receive a movie about civil rights leaders and important Black figures that focuses not on their hardships and pain but rather the moments of celebration and joy. True, this movie deals with philosophical conversations about what it means to be a role model and a Black figure in the public eye, but it does so in a way that highlights success, talent, and happiness. I'm a big fan of Kingsley Ben-Adir in all things, but his portrayal of Malcolm X was magnificent.

Another Round (2020)

I fired this movie up after seeing it was available on Hulu and was treated to a fun and thoughtful portrayal of aging, masculinity, and alcoholism, all led by the incredible Mads Mikkelsen. I really only know Mikkelsen for playing bad guys and serial killers, so to see him take on the role of a high school teacher and father stuck in a rut was great, and he brings a thoughtfulness and energy to what could be a tired stereotype of a midlife crisis. The ending of this film could have easily steered into after-school special territory as it explores the good and bad of alcohol, but the final scene is absolutely delightful while graying what could have been a black and white ending.

Zack Snyder's Justice League (2021)

Somehow I managed to sit through this in one sitting, was fine? Definitely an improvement over the 2017 version, which I watched at home a few years back because I'm one of those people who, upon hearing that a movie sucks, goes, "It can't possibly be that bad" and forces myself to watch it. This is also how I ended up seeing Suicide Squad in theaters. Yes, the joke is on me.

Anyway, I'm glad the Snyder fanboys got what they want and I had a fun time watching this massive 4-hour thing, but it's kind of a bummer now that the plot points and teasers set up in this movie will go nowhere (although, you know, never say never). Also, I've sat through 2 versions of this movie and listened to multiple podcasts addressing both films, and I still could not tell you what a Mother Box is. Nor do I want to know.

The Trial of the Chicago 7 (2020)

Look, I had to pause this movie about one minute in because my Number One Boy Jeremy Strong wearing a bad wig and talking like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo was too much. I enjoyed this movie well enough, especially Sacha Baron Cohen's performance and a surprise appearance from Michael Keaton, but I think Sorkin is at his best when he has a director to guide his big monologues and pull him back from his more over-the-top moments. The pacing was odd, and there was a point at the end that truly felt like a scene was cut out. And of course, watching this after watching Judas and the Black Messiah made it impossible to not compare how the two films dealt with Bobby Seale and Fred Hampton, and I found Chicago 7 lacking in its ability to connect the anti-war movement to the civil rights movement.

TV Shows

Ginny & Georgia (season 1)

Is this recent Netflix series, heralded as a Gilmore Girls for 2021, particularly good? Not really? Is it even that similar to the Gilmore Girls? Aside from the fact that the titular figures are a young mom/daughter duo who live in an idyllic New England town...not really! Is it a perfectly bingeable show that you'll enjoy in one weekend? Yeah! I will say, this show is as much Gilmore Girls as it is Big Little Lies, Degrassi, or Gone Girl (hey, another GG title!) and as much as there are plotlines about what acceptable Halloween decorations are required and PTA meetings, there's also murder, sexual assault, discussions of race, and a lot of heavy topics that might not come across in the trailer. Some of these issues are handled better than others (you've maybe already seen this cringe-y clip) but it's interesting to see a show that does The Most and tries to tackle everything.

Party Down (season 1)

This showed up as a recommended series on Hulu and I know a reboot is coming soon, so perfect! Major Curb Your Enthusiasm/an R-rated The Office vibes here. If you like watching people be uncomfortable and do cringey things, you'll love it. If you don't...I'd say pass.

The Bachelor Season 20 and The Bachelorette Seasons 11 and 12

I just really wanted to see what a normal season of The Bachelor looked like after the mess that was this most recent season. It was fun but also weird to see seasons featuring people I work with and have met, and also this made me realize how claustrophobic Matt and Clare/Tayshia's seasons really were, with them unable to travel anywhere.