Happy 1st Birthday, White Rice!

Yo there!

To start, let me just say, I was not expecting to be celebrating White Rice’s first birthday not only away from co-creator Lindsey, but also in “quarantine.” But that’s just 2020 for you, right? Five years ago, I was asked repeatedly, “Where do you picture yourself in five years?” as I was beginning to plan my future after college. And let me tell you, I don’t think my answer was even remotely close to whatever is happening right now. Nevertheless... if you are reading this, thank you so much. Thank you for supporting this passion project of Lindsey’s and mine. It is unbelievable to think what we’ve accomplished in a year and how much more we’ve got in store. The podcast is coming, don’t you fret. There would be no newsletter without you, so thank you for inspiring us to keep going.

Can we talk about this past year in pop culture (in White Rice time)? No laws when you’re drinking (White) Claws. Disney launched its own streaming platform (but also where is Enchanted?). The Houston Astros are cheaters. What the hell is TikTok? Baby Yoda. “Is Adam Driver hot?” as I asked all my friends at my birthday dinner. Netflix reality shows about dating. I cried watching Parasite make history at the Oscars. Then not even a month after, we dealt with an entirely new parasite of global proportions - COVID 19.

I think back on that day Tom Hanks announced that he had coronavirus and the NBA cancelled its season. At that time, there was hope to return back to “normal” in about two weeks. This was back in March and now it’s July. What a mess indeed… I don’t feel the need to voice the frustrations additionally since we’re all literally living it out. And I apologize, I should’ve led with this, but I hope that you and yours are safe during this time. Please wear masks when going outside, it’s not a political debate.

Anyways, pop culture has tried its best to trudge on. Shows are still airing on schedule for the most part, but production has completely halted, which means many films and shows will be delayed. Movie theaters are yet to return, so will we ever watch Tenet? Some celebrities decided it would be helpful to sing “Imagine.” Content about quarantine life is sure to be coming. Zoom productions? It’s been a weird past few months. But you know the sentimental thing I’m about to hit you with? What does it all matter without the connection we have with each other? Social distancing, which really is such a disservice of a phrase, made us think we were to keep distant emotionally and mentally from people in our lives, but I would say now is the time to hold on even tighter until you can see and give them a hug or whatever greeting you feel most comfortable with. Pop culture can be singularly enjoyed of course, but it’s all the better, at least in my opinion, with loved ones. I longingly dream of returning to movie theaters or catching a game with friends. But only when the time is right. Who knows when that’ll be, I’m not going to make any guesses anymore, but when it does come, White Rice will be ready.

So with that said, thank you for being a part of this first year of White Rice. It’s been quite the journey. There are days that are truly so tough, but the support has been a comfort to keep us moving forward. I couldn’t be happier with how this project has come along and what more there is to bring. I'd also like to thank our various guest contributors who have written some truly amazing pieces. It makes me so happy when we get these editorials, and if you ever have an interest, please don't hesitate to let us know! Please continue to look after one another and we’ll keep serving up that fresh pop culture news every Monday and Friday. Truly all my love and appreciation to each and every single one of you.