One Year of White Rice!

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Writtten by Lindsey Cook

This year has felt at once infinitely long and like it has passed in the blink of an eye, but I guess that's just 2020 for you. Likewise, the White Rice newsletter has become such a regular part of my life that it feels like we've been doing it for years (which, technically, White Rice 1.0 did originate 4 years ago in a different format) and like we've only just begun.

A few months back we were hoping that our one year anniversary of the newsletter would coincide with San Diego Comic-Con, summer blockbuster season, and summer music festivals, maybe going out to Sugarfish to celebrate the milestone, but obviously circumstances have changed and we settled on a Zoom celebration instead. Yeah, it's been a year full of twists, to say the least!

But through these months of quarantine, pop culture is what's kept me sane through this long stretch of disruption to normal life. Discovering television shows old and new, finally having time to catch up on Hollywood classics, and using film and television conversations as a way to stay connected to friends and family when there isn't much else to talk about in terms of daily's the only reason I haven't gone completely stir crazy. And working on White Rice has not only given me something to work on in my now abundant free time but also a way to share my recent TV obsessions, film hot takes, celebrity gossip items, and more with all of you.

So thank you to everyone who has subscribed, read our articles, contributed writing, commented on our Instagram posts, participated in polls, and supported us in general! Your feedback and support is so wonderful, and without all of you, White Rice would just be me and Steph rambling about movies into a void.

I'm not sure what the world will be like on July 12, 2021, but I do know that White Rice is here for the long haul and will hopefully (definitely) have a podcast addition by then. And in the meantime, we'll continue to give you all the scoop on the ever-changing Hollywood news, celebrity drama, upcoming releases, entertainment hot takes, and so much more.

Thanks for following along, White Rice fans, and hope you are looking forward to more White Rice as much as we are!

- Lindsey