Lindsey's April Media Diary


Another month into quarantine means more TV to watch! Here are the new things I checked out in April. In addition to these shows, I did keep up with Prodigal Son, Westworld, Zoey's Infinite Playlist, Brooklyn 99 and Superstore week to week. 

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Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019)

A stunning, heartbreaking, beautiful movie about once-in-a-lifetime love that cannot last. It is hard for a movie as critically adored as Portrait to possibly live up to its hype, and yet I was still blown away by the gorgeous compositions and the expert acting at work. The feelings that director CĂ©line Sciamma managed to convey with a look, a touch, a vista of the bright blue's just breathtaking. I'm sad that I missed my chance to watch this film on the big screen, but still delighted to have finally watched this.

The Death of Stalin (2018)

Veep is one of my all-time favorite shows, so I was eager to watch creator Armando Iannucci's take on inept leadership in the USSR in the events immediately following—you guessed it—the death of Stalin.

It's a well-done film, and I think Iannucci does a tremendous job capturing the cowardice of the power-hungry seconds-in-command who all cower at the mere mention of Stalin's name but would also take his position as head of the USSR in a heartbeat. However, this is a truly dark and biting satire, free from the mile-a-minute quips that I'm used to with Veep, and a hundred times bleaker.

I was expecting a slightly more comedic take on this historical moment, but instead was treated to a film about a questionably-competent leader with a cult of personality and adoring fanbase and the bumbling idiots who help him control the country, are scared to have any semblance of a moral backbone, and approve measures based on self-interest instead of the good of the country. Is it just me, or does that sound oddly familiar...

Love Wedding Repeat (2020)

This falls into the typical pattern of Netflix movies being a little underdone. A perfectly forgettable romantic comedy that isn't very funny and does little to sell the romance at its center, I think the filmmakers decided to throw together a bunch of hot people (Sam Claflin, Freida Pinto, Olivia Munn), put them in a gorgeous Roman villa, and hope for the best. Fine if you have nothing better to watch, but entirely unremarkable. 

TV Shows

Killing Eve (season 2 and began 3)

I knew the new season was starting soon, so I caught up on the second season of this fun cat-and-mouse spy series. Sandra Oh continually knocks it out of the park while being criminally underrated, while Jodie Comer continues to mesmerize as the world's most stylish assassin. Seriously, the girl wears Molly Goddard and The Vampire's Wife. Basically my style dream. 

Love is Blind (season 1)

Quarantine desperation led me and my roommate to finally see what all the fuss was about regarding this Netflix reality series. The premise (can people fall in love without ever seeing each other) was fascinating enough to draw me in, and the increasingly complicated relationships and odd central figures made me watch until the end. More than anything, seeing how these people behaved on screen, and seeing how they have all already transformed their Netflix stardom into social media influencing, made me wonder if it's even possible to find wannabe reality stars who are, to borrow a phrase from The Bachelor, "in it for the right reasons". Clearly all these people wanted out of the show were Instagram sponsorships. Still, Lauren and Cameron were adorable. (And still going strong!)

Single Parents (season 1)

A fun, easy to watch show that features a hilariously comedic Leighton Meester. That girl does not get enough recognition for how talented and versatile she is as an actor. 

Run (began season 1)

A Phoebe Waller-Bridge seal of approval. Electric hot chemistry between leads Domhnall Gleeson and Merritt Wever. A mysterious adventure on a cross country train. What could go wrong? I was enamored with the pilot and the truly wonderful way Gleeson and Wever played off one another. As the show goes on it hasn't captured the highs of the pilot, but Archie Panjabi has entered the scene as a foil, so that's fun!

Insecure (began season 4)

Insecure has always been one of my favorite LA-centric shows, but this year feels more sentimental than usual as I watch a version of Los Angeles unfold that doesn't exist at the moment. Thinking about the iconic Swingers scene back in season 2 now only reminds me that Swingers closed its doors permanently due to the pandemic. This season centers around Issa planning a block party that would surely be cancelled if it were taking place in the real world. So it's bittersweet to watch right now, but I love the relationships and the characters so much that the pangs I feel realizing I can't go to the hip brunch spot Molly and Issa head to are worth it.

What We Do In The Shadows (began Season 2)

This quirky vampire mockumentary continues to be one of the weirdest, funniest things on television currently. If you like the humor of Flight of the Concords or the original What We Do In The Shadows film, you'll love this show. 

#blackAF (season 1)

If you were looking for a nice family show to accompany black-ish and mixed-ish, this is NOT it. Kenya Barris may be the creator of all your favorite -ishes, but he is taking things to wild new levels in this Netflix mockumentary series, where he plays a hyped-up version of himself a la Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm.