12 Questions I Have After The Succession Season Finale


Written by Lindsey Cook

Warning! Major spoilers for Succession ahead! Do not proceed until you've watched the second season finale!

We traveled around the world in private jets and chartered helicopters. We survived "Boar on the Floor"—and perhaps more importantly, Kendall's rap. We broke a few Gregs to make a Tomelette. I'm of course talking about the second season of Succession, HBO's family drama that exploded as the prestige TV must-watch show in its sophomore year.

The final episode just wrapped in dramatic fashion, with Kendall setting fire to the family business during a shocking press conference. We'll have to wait at least a year until we find out how the dust will settle around Waystar Royco, but until then, I have some pressing questions about the finale.


1. When did Kendall hatch his plan?

The seeds for Kendall's betrayal have been planted all season long, but I believe that this was a last resort play he kept in his back pocket just in case. As horribly dysfunctional as their relationship is (okay, it's downright emotionally abusive), Kendall truly loves his father, and I even believe that Logan loves his son, if only in the twisted way that Naomi Pierce describes. Even Kendall's season one play came from a place of love, and I think this decision was only finalized once he realized it was the only way.

Of course, regardless of whether or not Kendall would put the play into action, he was definitely gathering up the required chess pieces all season long. Do not doubt your Number One Boy!

2. Who else knew the plan, and when were they clued in?

Greg was obviously an integral part of Kendall's master plan, as he was the one possessing the incriminating pieces of evidence against Logan. Greg and Kendall discussed the cruise blackmail way back at Shiv's wedding in the season one finale, but a lot has happened since then...did Kendall keep on that bit of information all along, or did he bring Greg into the fold only on that plane ride back to New York for the press conference?

There's also the question of Shiv, who all season long was fighting to keep the keys to the kingdom that had been too easily offered up to her in the first episode; Kendall and Shiv's relationship seemed to strengthen over the course of the season, with that vulnerable moment at the end of "Safe Room" signaling the beginning of an alliance. The two were also united against Holly Hunter's Rhea, who they viewed as an outside threat to the business (and their family). But by the final episode, it was hard to tell where Shiv truly stood. She seemed okay with offering up Kendall as the sacrificial lamb so long as Tom was protected, so maybe her alliance with Kendall was just another ruse.

3. Speaking of Shiv, where does this leave her?

When Logan told Shiv that she was the chosen successor in the first episode of the season, we all knew it was way too good to be true. Shiv was smart enough to realize that and spent most of the season defending her claim to the throne. Along the way, she burned bridges with her former employer, sacrificed her morals to keep a sexual assault victim from testifying, and witness her father hand over the reigns to her other brother, Roman. Oh, and her marriage is on the rocks. Which leads to my next question...

4. Are Tom and Shiv going to be okay?

One of the most heartbreaking moments from "This Is Not for Tears" was when Tom came clean to Shiv about his frustrations regarding their marriage. Ever since Shiv sprung the whole "open relationship" thing on Tom—on the night of their wedding, no less—his uneasiness has been steadily brewing, and watching it boil over while they sat on a secluded cove, enjoying what should have been the most idyllic day, was quite emotional. Tom may act a pushover most of the time, but he finally stood up for himself with Shiv (and then with Logan and his chicken, to hilarious and perhaps tumultuous effect). 

In the end, Shiv backed her husband, but I'm not quite sure that their marriage will weather this storm.


5. Are Tom and Greg going to be okay?

I may have tweeted that there's a new bromance in town, but in all seriousness, are Tom and Greg going to be okay? Their odd friendship has been one of the highlights of this show, but season two certainly saw more ups and downs, from their "breakup" in "Safe Room" to burning incriminating evidence on a barbecue grill. 

Tom will quickly connect the dots and realize that Greg was the only one who could have provided Kendall with said incriminating documents, so I am quite nervous that this friendship may break apart.

6. Are Roman and Gerri the most stable relationship on this show?

I'm going to go ahead and take a stab at this one by saying...yes, yes they are.

7. How will Roman fare next year as the Roy kid in charge?

Roman has had quite the fascinating arc these two seasons, quietly emerging as perhaps the most capable of the Roy children. He matured a lot, most recently surviving a stressful hostage situation that would cause a mild panic attack for most. He has good ideas, if not always the best follow-through, but with the right guidance by his side, he could actually make a fine leader.

Of course, he'll have to get through the wreckage that his brother Kendall just created. If Roman, Logan, and the rest of the Waystar Royco team aren’t careful, they’ll be in charge of a kingdom of ashes.


8. Will we ever see Marcia again?

Marcia was such an intriguing mystery in the first season that her sidelining in the second was a real lowlight this year. With Rhea now out of the picture and Logan in need of some moral support after Kendall’s betrayal, I do hope we will see more of Marcia in season three. I need to know more about her!

9. Will Connor drop out of the presidential race?

Conheads, don’t get your hopes up that this tax-hating, Napoleon genitalia-owning wildcard will make it to the primaries. Logan gave his eldest son a pretty simple demand: drop out of the race and maybe I can lend you some money to fund your girlfriend’s bad play. Speaking of…

10. Do you think Willa’s play will win a Tony Award?

Look, I think we’re all knocking Sands before we’ve seen it. After all, the previews are the worst that it will ever be, so it can only go up from here! Also, I may have gotten Willa in the “Which ‘Succession’ Character Are You?” BuzzFeed quiz and I’m a little perplexed about that, so until I make more sense of it I’m just going to say that Willa deserves more respect.

11. Will anyone else ever find out about Kendall’s Chappaquiddick?

Kendall’s life-altering accident in the season one finale was a devastating twist that not only raised the stakes of Succession but also razed his takeover bid completely. All season long, we were teased with moments where it seemed like Kendall might confess his dark secret—first with Shiv at the end of “Safe Room”, then with his mother in “The Return”—but we never saw Kendall come clean.

Of course, there is one person who knows everything that went down: Logan. And now that Kendall has made his father the bad guy, I have a feeling that the car crash will come back into play in a powerful way come season three.

12. When is season three?

Seriously, when is this show coming back? I need more!


What are your burning questions after the season two finale of Succession? Comment below with all your thoughts!