Dear Future Kid: You're A San Francisco Giants Fan

Sometimes, being a sports fan is not a good time.
Written by Steph Wu

Hey readers, this is a new series I’m trying out that came from an amalgamation of other floating ideas I’ve had. DEAR FUTURE KID will be a recurring format on ideas, opinions, or things I would have done differently if I were my parents that I will therefore enforce on my child. Let me also take this moment to thank my parents, for the most part, not making me do anything I didn’t want to do. Anyways, It’s not meant to be taken seriously by any stretch of the imagination, except that it is non negotiable for my child

Dear Future Kid,

I’m sorry, but you have no choice but to be a San Francisco Giants fan. If you end up not loving America’s pastime, we can stop the talk here. But, if the diamond beckons for you in the same way Kevin Costner’s Field of Dreams did for Shoeless Joe Jackson, then the team for you will be the boys in orange and black.

The apology to kick off the letter is two-fold. First, the odds are very high that I will raise you in Los Angeles, home to none other than our dreaded rivals. The temptation will be great to want to root for what would technically be your “hometown” team. You’ll probably get a lot of questions as to why you’re a Giants fan, but I beg you to stay steadfast. Chavez Ravine is not the place for you. McCovey Cove is home and its garlic fries will be the sweet, sweet reward.

Two, the Giants could very well be terrible. I’m writing to you right now at the end of an era for the franchise. We’ve just said a fond farewell to our manager of 13 seasons, Bruce Bochy. During his 13 seasons, the team won 3 World Series titles. Some fans dream of seeing their team win one championship during their lifetimes, but us? I guess we'll take 3 in 5 years, no problem. I hope to at least witness one more, but that may be too great a demand of the baseball gods. We'll always have 2010, 2012, and 2014 at the least.

All in all, I could have gifted you an even worse franchise to be a fan of, but there’s hope I feel. Such as the blind faith I have every Opening Day that the Giants have a shot to win it all. But in every win and loss, at least we'll get to watch together. And hopefully, the Giants won't be too terrible.

Say hey and good luck, kid!