Steph Who?

"Started from the bottom, now we're here!"
This is actually the lowest point in North America.

Written by Steph Wu

Before I dive in, I have to say a huge thank you to the following: Grace, Julienne, Mike, Portia, and Uncle Peter. Thank you for all the feedback given during the revision period. The final product is very much where it’s at because of each of you. Collaborating with you all brought me such great joy and I thank you for being a part of the process. You don’t know how much your support means to me.

Now, back to regularly scheduled programming.

Picture young Steph. She’s sitting on the couch next to her grandma, taking way too many “okay, one last bite” of coffee ice cream and watching either Die Hard or Raiders of the Lost Ark. This is where it all began. From a very early age, I learned how to connect with people through entertainment and all its various forms. And perhaps that holds the same for you and why you’re reading this in the first place. Also probably because I have incessantly bothered you to subscribe and as the kind and obliging friend you are, you said yes and are now having major regrets. But fear not, I think there’s a lot in store that will interest you!

When Lindsey and I first met back as USC freshman in fall 2012, we developed an easy rapport pretty much instantaneously. We both generally loved the same shows and movies and any sort of blindspots one of us had, the other would cover. We toyed with ideas of starting our own show constantly but never really followed through. But after graduation, we finally made good on our promise. Funemployed, Lindsey and I launched White Rice as a weekly entertainment podcast in the fall of 2016. Unfortunately, once we started working, it was difficult to keep things running, but it was a great practice run to get to where we are today.

Speaking for myself, my desire to restart White Rice came from wanting an outlet to work on my writing and critical thinking. Can’t completely say I miss homework, but I have admittedly missed my coursework since graduating from film school. But more so, I wanted to engage with a wider group of people in the discourse of pop culture. As I have been diving deeper into the world of podcasts and media publication, I was dissatisfied with the lack of diverse voices, specifically in the former. I also may not be digging deep enough, so please email podcast recommendations my way at What I’ve noticed sometimes though when it comes to these similar voices and opinions is a one-upping of pretension and a lack of understanding a general, broader audience.

An important personal stance I have when it comes to pop culture is that I am all for being passionate about whatever it is that drives your fandom or appreciation for something. My hope for White Rice is that it is a safe place to be an unabashed fan of whatever you love. Whether it’s mainstream or only plays in local arthouse theaters, tell me why you love it, I am here to listen and learn. Diversity in taste and opinion is so crucial. Seriously, how absolutely boring would it be if everyone’s favorite show was Breaking Bad? As Lindsey and I continue to build out White Rice, through editorials, short form content, and podcasts to tease our future, we hope you’ll start engaging with us in the conversation. Don’t worry, we don’t bite and you’ll fall right in easily. After all, we’re just two girls talking about pop culture for goodness sake. So here’s a toast to you the reader as we look to build connections through our love and consumption of all things pop culture. Happy watching and discussing!

For fun as a postscript, I thought I’d share some of the things I hope will happen when White Rice takes off:
  1. White Rice will be used for promo codes
  2. Disney will give me my own Star Wars franchise
  3. Free tickets to Hamilton when they’re back in LA
  4. A cameo in whatever is going on in that Game of Thrones prequel
  5. Ellen scares me on her show
But to cap it all off with a record second and sentimental postscript, I’d also like to thank Lindsey. I knew from the moment we met that she would be a special friend in my life. I couldn’t have asked for a better creative partner through these exciting and equally scary times. Lindsey, thank you for your enthusiasm and passion that only stoked my fire even more. It’s been seven years in the making, and I’m looking forward to many more.

For real, thank you for reading and… here… we…. go!